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Jaeii[Limited period 7days]
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 Manufacturer : Distant memory
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Jaeii[Limited period 7days]

February 5  PM 12:00 ~ February 11,2018  PM 24:00 (korean time)


(Head size) - 21cm (8.2inch)
(Eye size) - 14/6mm
(Wig size) - 8inch

(Height) - 65cm

Body size
(Neck circumference) - 10.5cm
(Shoulder width) - 14cm
(Arm length) - 20cm
(Arm circumference) - 9cm
(Wrist circumference) - 6.5cm
(Chest circumference ) - 26.5cm
(Waist circumference) - 21cm
(Hips circumference) - 25.5cm
(Thigh circumference) - 15.5cm
(Calf circumference) - 11.5cm
(Ankle circumference) - 7cm
(Leg length) - 33cm
(Foot length) - 8.2cm
(Skin color) - (White)or (Normal peach yellow)

Doll a box, cushions2p ,certificate

Body image<<



-It takes around 120 days to shipping complete Jaeii After payment.

-This is customized, and when you remit the money, the order should not be cancelled, therefore we  kindly ask you to please place an order carefully.  


-PayPal Account information


You can pay Paypal even though there is no option for Paypal on our web site.
You should choose 'Bank Deposit' when you order and then you can pay Paypal.
We also can send you Paypal bill to your e-mail.
After we confirm the approval, we will change 'Bank Deposit' to 'Card/paypal paymant Confirmed'.


Nobilitydoll layaways program
Applications for layaway
1. Order number:
2. Name:
Plans for futuer payments
1st payment : month______day_______
(1st payment must be made in 3 days from the order.)

2nd payment : month______day_______
* You can copy the application form above and then send them to us.
* Payments should be made through paypal.

- Notice -
*The maximum number of layaways is 2 and if you would like to make a payment through this method,
just fill in the form above and apply for it. (The first payment must be made in 3 days from the order)

*You can pay 50% of the price each time.
* They are mostly custom-made so it will not be possible to cancel the order once you make the payment. Also, after making the first payment,
it will also not be possible to refund. I expect your careful decision.
*The order will be automatically canceled if the payment is not made in three days from the expected date.

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