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Vampire scon[Limited time 30days]
 Code : 20130921021100
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 Point : 2.09 point
 Head type :
 Add head type :
 Add head type :
 Add head type :
 Vampire Outfit :
 Coffin :
 Manufacturer : nobility doll
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Vampire scon 

Manufacturer by Nobilitydoll
Make-up by Neo
Outfits by Hera
Photo by Dark Knight


We make this project in celebration of scon's 6th birth anniversary.

There is various kinds of expressions and blue line color's vampire skin, and gorgeous makeup.

And vampire tooth part is very unique.

We hope for your attention by our customers and scon mania.


The order period[Limited time 30days]

2014. 1. 10 (Friday) 10:00AM ~ 2014. 2. 10(Monday) 6:00PM Korean time


The height: 12.7cm
The width of shoulder: 3.7cm
The girth of a head: 13.5cm
The girth of a neck: 4.5cm
The girth of a chest: 8.3cm
The girth of a waist: 9cm
The girth of a hip: 9.5cm
The length of an arm: 3.5cm
The length of a leg: 3.7cm
The length a foot: 2.2cm


[Product constitution]

* The assembly integral body of vampire scon+{select head parts (A,B,C,D,E,F,G or H type)}

* The makeup for vampire scon,14mm acrylic eyes 

* The tooth part of vampire scon and original tooth part

* The costume of vampire scon (cape, vest, shirt, pants, pendant accessories, belt) << option

* The coffin (Material: wood, iron, Velvet) << option

* certificate of scon, doll box for nobility doll, spare tension line, v-shaped hand, clenched hand part, tail part

* You can purchase the additional head by selecting additional head option.


-It takes around 30 days to complete Scon After payment(with business day).

-This is customized, and when you remit the money, the order should not be cancelled, therefore we  kindly ask you to please place an order carefully.


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