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70 Emotional male Body 
 Code : 20100807120822
 Selling Price :
 Point : 5.00 point
 Skin color :
 Manufacturer : Nobility doll
 Big Sale Event : 13:00 pm on December 30~2020 to 13:00 pm on January 30, 2021.
 QTY : ea
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70 Emotional male body

*The doll is in the order period. 
 Once the order quantity reaches 10 s, the operation will begin.
 If you reach less than 10 units, you will get a refund.

[Body size]

-Height: 70cm(head include)               
-weight: 2.0kg
-Width of shoulder: 15.5cm              
-Circumference of neck: 10.5cm               
-Circumference of chest: 30.5cm             
-Circumference of waist: 23cm                
-Circumference of hips: 29cm                
-Length 'from shoulder to wrist: 21cm        
-Circumference of wrist: 7cm                 
-Length of the back: 16cm                    
-Length of the legs: 39cm                 
-Length of the calves: 19cm                 
-Circumference of Ankle: 9.2cm              
-Foot size : 9cm                             

[Composition of goods]

- 70Emotional male body( With volks nomarl skins it is similar.)
- Doll Box, Cushion for doll use only 1 set
- Different shapes of sexual part is included
- Spare string
- Certification

[Option] Nipple movement

[Event head]

-Ray head (9 inch head)
-Eye size:16mm
* For the head (in case of an event) we will send you the same color as your body.
* If you would like a face up, you need to choose from Atype and Btype.

If you would like a custom skin color
1. take the picture of the color under natural light.
2. You can send any parts of the color you want, so that we could match them.
Our address is 91-29Goejeong-dong seo-gu Daejeon South korea.

* This is customized, and when you remit the money, the order should not be cancelled, therefore we   kindly ask you to please place an order carefully.
* Shipping will be made before & after 30 days when you purchase.
(According to the quantity of order, shipping date can be changed.)

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