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Scon body
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Scon Basic Body

[Scon Body size]
The height: 8cm
The width of shoulder: 3.7cm
The girth of a head: 13.5cm
The girth of a neck: 4.5cm
The girth of a chest: 8.3cm
The girth of a waist: 9cm
The girth of a hip: 9.5cm
The length of an arm: 3.5cm
The length of a leg: 3.7cm
The length a foot: 2.2cm

[Basic composition of Socn Body]

* Scon assemble complete body +Tail parts
* Scon box,Scon-license and spare tension strings.

-It takes around 30 days to complete Scon After payment(with business day).

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Product Details | Related Products | Product Q's    
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